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Experts agree that intelligent, autonomous machines will soon impact the humankind in the same way personal computers did over the last 35 years. Therefore it is very likely that, within 10 years, the next Bill Gates will emerge from the field of robotics and artificial intelligence startups.

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Understanding how robots and highly sophisticated artificial intelligence systems work will give an important advantage to anyone walking the sometimes intimidating paths towards the next technological frontier.

IR can help you - today.

Whether you are an investor evaluating advanced technology startups, a physician or surgeon interested in medical automation systems, or an educator exploring ways to use robotics as a teaching tool, IR provides a variety of services to assist you in reaching that goal.

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Are you a student, a parent, or just an individual who wants a speedy introduction to the basics of robotics? You are in the right place - IR is ready to help with numerous customized programs, ranging from a 1-hour informal discussion in a relaxed setting of your choice to full-length robotics courses in an academic environment.