About Instant Robotics

Instant Robotics has one simple mission - to "translate" robotics language into plain English. In other words, you have arrived at the right place if you have ANY robotics-related questions or if you need assistance deciding which robotics technologies could help your business increase its profits and keep up with competition.


Sorin Achim Sorin Achim, founder of Instant Robotics, was born in Romania where he obtained his M.S.E.E. from the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering of the Romanian Department of Defense, at the time the best engineering school in the country and among the best in Eastern Europe.

Later, as a robotics research engineer at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, U.S.A., he received the prestigious Allen Newell Award For Research Excellence for his contribution to the design of award-winning mobile robots exhibited in Japan, France, South Korea, and Sweden.

One of the activities that Sorin enjoys most is teaching advanced technologies classes (and exciting summer camps) to young minds with the hope that they will be the next pioneers in the science and technology world of the future.

Hundreds of students have already participated in advanced-technologies-for-kids programs developed in collaboration with various local educational institutions including universities, schools, community centers, libraries, and science centers.

Sorin appeared in one of the American Scientific Frontiers documentaries, "Natural Born Robots" and has been mentioned in the "Robo Sapiens: Evolution of a new species". Also, his smiling face (after winning an international robotics award) can be seen on the cover of the American Association for Artificial Intelligence magazine. Sorin co-authored papers published by AAAI, ACM, and Springer-Verlag.